Faculty of water transport management

Faculty of water transport management is one of the largest at the university, where over 900 undergraduate students are enrolled full-time.

Faculty was founded on July 22, 1991 by splitting from Ship Navigation and Logistics department.  This separation occurred in 1988 as a result of a new in-demand program- economics, which began to develop actively, especially in the 90s, when the country transitioned to a new economic environment. Until recently, Professor Vladimir P. Nosov had been holding a post of Dean of the Faculty since its inception.

Students enrolled in the Water transport management obtain theoretical knowledge and practical training in the areas of economics and transport. Coursework is related to information processing, transportation management system, and logistics. 

Siberian State University of Water Transport cooperates with major sea and river ports of the country. Summer practical training goes in ports of Murmansk, Azov, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Khanty-Mansiysk, Nizhnevartovsk, Surgut, Salekhard, Urengoy, Krasnoyarsk, Olyokminsk,  and takes from 2 to 6 weeks. During practical training students have the opportunity to gain experience and skills; more than that they have the possibility of further employment after graduation.

Many of our graduates have taken up senior positions around the country in river and maritime administrations, port administrations, academic institutions. There are also heads of shipping companies, directors of shipyards, naval bases and heads of river schools, scientists and scholars, republics government members, governors and vice-governors.

The faculty provides trainings for bachelors of economics and management in the following academic programs:

  • Transportation and Logistics

with concentrations in:

  1. Transportation and water transport management;
  2. Freight-forwarding activities.
  • Water transport management  and Hydrography

with concentrations in:

  1. Transport systems and logistic service management;
  2. Ports and terminals management.
  • Economics

with concentrations in:

  1. Business economics;
  2. Finance and Credit.
  • Management

with concentrations in

  1. Production management;
  2. Logistics.

Master degree programs:

  • Water transport management  and Hydrography



  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Port Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Transport Economics and Finance
  • Economics of Entrepreneurship

Department of Advanced mathematics


  • Educational activity aimed at formation of competence in all areas of training undergraduate and graduate programs in accordance with the government educational standards;
  • Methodological work;
  • Scientific state-funded research «A Synthesis of teaching methods of mathematics in technical college»;
  • Student research;
  • Providing math competitive exams, apart from unified state exam;
  • Providing school Olympics.


Department of Port Management


  • Business processes organization at the enterprise;
  • Forwarding services in the enterprise;
  • Technology and organization of material-handling operations and port operations;
  • Ship agency and brokerage services.


Department of Fleet Management


  • Scientific state-funded research «Creating the enterprise operational activity information system at the river transport in Siberia and the Russian Far East»;
  • Transportation Modeling;
  • Transport Logistics and traffic flow management;
  • Multimodal transportation.


Department of Transport Economics and Finance


  • Economics of transportation system;
  • Business economics;
  • Valuation of investments and projects;
  • Financial management.


Department of Economics of Entrepreneurship


  • Business organization and business planning at the enterprise;
  • Market research and analysis of the external environment of the enterprise;
  • Accounting, tax accounting and analysis;
  • All levels of economic theory and institutional analysis.