Maritime Academy

Maritime Academy institution was created in 2019 aimed to centralize the ship crew training departments management, make its structure more effecient to operate, improve the educational process and underline the flagship university programmes' distinctive status.

Maritime Academy is heading the folowing programs in its structure:

-Propulsions operation and maintenance (Ship main power unit maintenance)
-Ship electrical and automatic equipment maintenance

Maritime Academy was formed mostly at a base of former Ship Navigation and Transportation department which was created in 1957. In 1991, the department of Ship Navigation separated into an independent faculty. The first graduation of students awarded degree in "Inland and Maritime Navigation" specialization was in 1996. Since then graduates have taken up seafarer’s positions, including positions with shipping companies in all coastal areas adjacent to the borders of Russia. This includes the Pacific Ocean, the Mediterranean, Baltic seas, and Artic Ocean. Graduates of this program also have gone to gain employment on foreign ship fleets.

           Principal Departments in Maritime Academy structure:

  • Ship Navigation
  • Foreign languages
  • Physical education & sports

Department of Ship Navigation

Department’s activity expands at all faculties. This profile includes educational boat work, marine practical training, and navigational practice. Many teachers are engaged in scientific work, some are involved in scientific work of graduate students.

Department of physical education and sports

Department of Physical Education and Sports provides athletics activities in all areas of training for the students of 1-3 grades of full-time and 4-5 grades of extramural.

Department’s staff is responsible for managing volleyball, basketball, swimming and other teams, organizing school and dorm Olympics, and more than 40 other annual sports events. Department’s teachers are also involved into research work, as well as research work with students participating in the university and intercollegiate conferences.