Faculty of postgraduate education

Department of postgraduate and higher doctorate at SSUWT was founded in 1959 in order to raise the level of scientific and pedagogical qualifications.

Admission to postgraduate study is conducted on a competitive basis. Training is carried out by full-time and extramural forms. Duration of training in postgraduate should not exceed three years intramural, outside the bounds - four years.

Members of the postgraduate faculty are engaged in four main research fields:

05.06.01 - Geosciences;

08.06.01 - Construction technique and technology;

06.13.01 - Electrical and thermal engineering;

26.06.01 - Shipbuilding techniques and technologies.

The main scientific problems on which graduate students work together with their thesis supervisors are:

  1. Searching for effective ways of using sea and river transport in the national economy;
  2. Creation of energy-efficient electric power systems;
  3. Improving the economic and environmental performance of ship power plants;
  4. Improving the performance of vessels and its management optimization.
  5. Evaluation of man-made impact from engineering works on the ecosystems’ condition of the rivers of Siberia and the Far East.
  6. Increasing the power units’ service life.

 Currently, SSUWT offers 10 doctoral (PhD) programs and 4 programs for higher doctorate studies. Applicants to postgraduate school are interviewed with the prospective supervisor and pass competitive exams for majors, philosophy and foreign language. Persons fully or partially passed the Ph.D. exams are exempt from the relevant entrance exams.