Faculty of Hydrotechnics

The Faculty was established shortly after the university was founded. During the first year 78 students enrolled within the department. These students included 2nd, 3rdand 4th year students that transferred from the Tomsk Technical Institute as well as 54 freshmen who were admitted in August, 1951.

The working area of the future hydraulic engineers includes the design and construction of river and sea ports, inverted tunnels and structures on the shelves. The last one is extremely important for the northern seas of Siberia, where economic use of shelf zones is in trend. By the way, about 70% of the world's potential oil reserves are falling on the shelf zone.

Today, about 550 students are enrolled full-time at the faculty. The department provides trainings for bachelors of engineering and technology in the following academic programs:

  • Construction

With a concentration in Hydraulic engineering.

  • Environmental engineering and water use

With a concentration in Integrated water resources management and security.

  • Technosphere safety

With a concentration in:

  1. Protection in Emergencies;
  2. Fire safety;
  3. Environment protection.

Master degree programs:

  • Environmental engineering and water use.



  • Water research and Hydroecology;
  • Waterways and hydraulics;
  • Technosphere safety;
  • Construction operations and design;
  • Hydro-technical utilities;
  • Engineering Mechanics;
  • Philosophy and Law.