Faculty of electrical engineering

Faculty of electrical engineering was founded in 1967, and initially proposed just one academic program «Electric motors and industrial automation». Later in 1987 it enclosed «Material handling works automation» program which was transferred from another department. Hereafter, in case of the fleet was supplying intensively by the river-sea vessels and the dredgers, eastern shipping companies appeared to be in need of qualified specialists, certified to work at sea. As a result, in 1990 by the decision of academic board a brand new program « Marine electrical systems operation» has been opened.

The faculty provides trainings for bachelors of engineering in the following academic programs:

  • Information systems and technology
  • Electrical engineering and electrical power engineering
  • Material-handling equipment  Operation

Master degree programs:

  • Information systems and technology
  • Electrical engineering and electrical power engineering


  • Information systems;
  • Electrical equipment and automation facilities;
  • Electrical engineering systems and electrical power engineering;
  • Performance of construction materials and material-handling equipment;
  • Physics and Chemistry;
  • Engineering drawing and computer modeling

Department of Information systems.
The main scientific directions of the Department are: development of new approaches for prediction and calculation of inland waterway state, development of theoretical bases of requirements validation for surveying on inland waterways, creation of multi-purpose IT systems including the engines diagnostics, vibration protection of marine power systems, internal combustion engine simulators, and decision support systems.

Department of electrical equipment and automation facilities
Department’s subject matter comprises variety of electrical control systems, ship electric motor controls, and their components. Qualified employees supervise all kinds of swimming and ship repair practices of students. The main scientific direction of the Department is corrosion protection of power supply system, transport, transport infrastructure and other industrial facilities.  Department is involved in research in the areas of energy saving, energy efficiency and energy audit.

Department of Electrical engineering systems and electrical power engineering
Programs providing by the Department are aimed at the development of coastal and marine electric power systems and their components. Several schools of sciences are successfully working in the area of electrical power engineering and electrical material engineering.

Department of Performance of construction materials and material-handling equipment
Department is responsible for the following training courses: design, construction and operation of cargo handling, port hoisting devices, warehouses and transport terminals. The scientific work of the department mainly deals with the problems of vibration protection on transport, including vibration protection of ship power plants, and vibration diagnostics issues.

Department if Physics and Chemistry
Training courses, provided by the Department of physics and chemistry are traversing all the academic programs and concentrations of the University. Staff of the Department cooperates with the institutions of Russian Academy of Sciences in the fields of optics and spectroscopy.

Department of engineering drawing and computer modeling
The basis of the courses is presented in such common disciplines as the "Descriptive Geometry", "Engineering Drawing", and also special disciplines aimed at in-depth study of contemporary CAD-systems.