Siberian state university of water transport was founded in 1951 and started its life as Novosibirsk university of water transport engineers. Founded by Russian Federation, SSUWT is controlled by The Federal Agency For Maritime and River Transport.

SSUWT provides a multilevel educational  process, it comprised of Command River College as a first step of and university itself. From the very first day being a cadet young men are getting involved into world of river and marine traditions and atmosphere. From the music and cadences to our creed, these are the traditions of a proud!

SSUWT as a university offers various undergraduate programs, master programs and divisions of postgraduate.  

University location: 33, Schetinkina st., Novosibirsk, Russia.


Email: [email protected]

We are presented in many parts of boundless siberian region. Our branches located at:

  • Omsk institute of water transport: 4, Ivana Alekseeva st. , Omsk, Russia
  • Krasnoyarsk  institute of water transport: 3, Yakorny pereulok, Krasnoyarsk
  • Ust-kut institute of water transport: 65, Volodarskogo st., Ust-kut, Irkutsk oblast
  • Yakutsk institute of water transport: 1, Vodnikov st.  Yakutsk, Sakha republic