Siberian State University of Water Transport

The SSUWT system is home to a student body of nearly 10000 students and cadets in the Siberian and Far East federal regions.

Multilevel educational system

From cadet to master of engineering all students obtain actual knowledge, reinforced with practical trainings. You choose when to start.

River College (specialized professional training school)

Basic maritime education

Upon completion of a nine-year programme at school if you realize that you wish to pursue a career at sea or river fleet, you might want to think about enrolling into a secondary maritime school that will prepare you for the career of a deck or engine officer.

River Colledge at a base of SSUWT offers a variety of specialized courses that will provide you with academic and practical background for the deck and engine officer's duties and tasks. For those wishing to continue their education at a higher maritime institution, our maritime secondary school will provide relevant academic background that will facilitate overcoming university courses and exams.

Marine traditions and Naval discipline
Employment assistance

University of Water Transport (undergraduate, graduate programs)

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Continuing Education

The SSUWT Centre for Continuing Education offers 113 programs of Professional Development for officers and crew of merchant vessels.

Our Students

are high-spirited men, who are ready to face soon with tough working conditions.

Academic Institutions

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